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WA Telephone Hotline Helps Seniors Suffering Financial Abuse

financially burdened retireesA telephone hotline staffed by Advocare has been launched in Western Australia to help seniors who are pressured by family members to surrender their money.

 Seniors and Volunteering Minister Tony Simpson said once operational, the helpline will give elderly people advice on how to deal with such pressure and other abuse issues.

 “Around 12,500 seniors are exploited or abused in Western Australia each year and this has got to stop,” Mr Simpson said. “The main abusers are their own children, partners and family carers. Financial abuse is the most common but emotional, social, physical and sexual abuse can also occur. Many seniors don’t like to tell anyone about the abuse, they may be ashamed or afraid. But it’s time to speak out.

“We need more open communication among family members about what’s going on and greater respect for the rights of elderly people to make their own financial decisions.

 The Minister also launched an Elder Abuse Protocol to help Government and non-Government agencies educate and prepare any staff who encounter elder abuse.

 The telephone number for the service will be published as soon as it is operational.




Tan is an elderly widow whose daughter says she won’t go to heaven if she doesn’t give her $10,000.


Lola is an Aboriginal woman too frail to go out but is not allowed visitors at her son’s home so she lives in isolation.


Gordon turns up at chess club every Tuesday with bruises on his arm because he refuses to give his son money. Gordon is 83.  He wants the situation to stop.  He doesn’t want to go to the police.  He loves his son and he doesn’t want to get him in trouble.

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