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The Gramping Experience

gramping experience

Gramping is the name given to multi-generational camping – usually three generations. It gives extended families the opportunity to reconnect and have shared experiences away from the stresses, challenges, and routines of everyday life. It’s also a whole lot of fun, but don’t take our word for it!

Jill Hubbard and her husband John have been camping their whole married life, and over the past 43 years as their family grew (first the kids, then the grandkids) so too did the number of tent sites they booked each year at the Cellito Beach Caravan Park for Christmas. “We’re creatures of habit,” Jill says.

“We find it is the most economical holiday to enjoy at this time of the year. We took our kids as babies and gathered a number of families to join us. They loved the back to basics fun as we are in tents and once our eldest two got married and later had kids, they wanted to bring them along as well. We have four grandkids, two to each of our kids. They all want to come and have their friends asking if there are any vacancies!”

Gramping is a great way to spend quality time with grandchildren, and gives doting grandparents the ability to share something from their childhood with the future generations. It also allows time out from the hectic schedules of the technology driven age, so kids (and their parents) can reconnect with nature, as well as their loved ones!

“We love the community living with time to play games together and do activities that never seem to happen at home. Board games at the end of the day, toasting marshmallows around a small brazier fire at night, telling stories and enjoying time together without the distraction of screens and technology,” Jill says.

Her and her family think gramping is also a good time to be active and try new things. “We love the healthy open air living and the activities of surfing at the beach, fishing, paddle boarding on the lake, cricket, badminton etc. and cooking on a camp stove and sleeping on an air mattress in a tent are the things the kids love.”

“Gramping is not so much about us having a fun holiday though it is that, it’s more about investing time into our grandkids and giving them our attention, making memories they recall throughout the year. They love to look at the photos and trot out the stories of past years. For weeks our 11-year-old granddaughter has been saying she can hardly wait until it’s time for camping!”

Start with a weekend somewhere close to home. Pack treats and fun activities and do what the kids will enjoy. We go for two weeks but a few days is a good start.


Of all their holidays, Jill says gramping “tops the lot when it comes to sharing time together as a family and doing something everyone enjoys. If it’s home comforts and time to yourself you are after, not going to happen for you here, but if it’s investing time into your grandkids and building a relationship with them then camping is the way for you!”

So if you’re in need of some quality grandparenting time, why not pack up the family and pitch a few tents together? You might even consider taking just the grandkids, and giving their parents a few nights off bed-time story duty. Jill’s advice for a first-timer? “Start with a weekend somewhere close to home. Pack treats and fun activities and do what the kids will enjoy. We go for two weeks but a few days is a good start.”

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