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The CARE Medical History Bracelet

Input your medical information to record securely personal information that takes just seconds for medical facilities and emergency care providers to access in an emergency.

With your health history in hand, medical staff can expedite care, avoid medication errors, and provide life saving medical treatment immediately. Take your medical and emergency contact information with you when you are travelling for pleasure or use it to carry information between Doctors and Allied Health Professionals. Take the worry out of having to remember critical information and eliminate the need for carrying personal papers and letters around with you. Carry your Care Medical History Bracelet, with you where ever you go.

It’s the medical information you want every doctor or emergency medical team to have when your life or the life of your loved one is at risk. The CARE Medical History Bracelet is critical for anyone with a medical condition or in fact everyone to use as a Health Organiser to keep your family’s medical Information together safely for when needed quickly.

The CARE Medical History Bracelet is latex free and waterproof and has the ability to store a comprehensive medical history with information like medical conditions, prescriptions, allergies and so much more. Medical Alert devices are a critical component to saving the lives of many who suffer from life-altering medical conditions. The band comes with its own USB Port connection so that ambulance officers or the emergency room hospital staff can view your medical history on any computer immediately helping healthcare providers in emergency situations to give you the care you need quickly and accurately. No Internet connection is needed and there are no ongoing fees.

The Care Medical History Bracelet comes with easy to use software which can be updated as required. Always double check with your Doctor to make sure your information is correct.

Please Call 1300 622 636 to order at the special price of $49.95 (RRP $59.95)

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Dukehill Healthcare Pty Ltd authorized Australian Distributor Care Memory Band, Care Medical History Bracelet.

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