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The surprising places people cheat

Surprising places people cheat

Spring is in the air with summer just around the corner and so to is a surprising statistic.  With the hot weather so too comes an uplift in cheating. According to Luke Athens, Director of Heartbreakers, a leading Private Investigations Company specialising in cheating partners, missing persons and social media investigations, 60 per cent of men and women are more likely to stray during the warmer seasons.

It’s not just your stereotypical office affairs taking place, what is surprising is the unusual places people are frequenting to cheat.

“One of the most interesting things I have experienced as an infidelity private investigator over my 21 years of practice is the constant creativity towards weird places people are cheating,” says Luke.

“Something I’ve noticed while observing and following people to gather important evidence of someone having an affair, is that there has been a massive trend increase towards infidelity in weird and public places,” he explains.

So what are the most unusual places people are cheating? Luke shares the five surprising places he has sprung someone:

  • Bushland. Just last month we were investigating an infidelity matter for a client in which we were starting to believe the subject was not having an affair because we had spent a considerable amount of time placing the partner under surveillance and his schedule was that tight to allow for an affair. When we followed him on his regular morning run however, we noticed he met up with a female a few blocks away and continued to jog together. After a short period they reached a dense area full of trees and remained in the bushes for about 20 minutes, before leaving the shrubs and continuing their jog back to home and separating on their return. After placing several hidden cameras in the bush land the following day we were able to prove our client suspicions right.
  • Bunnings car parks. Popular for sausage sizzles on the weekend, this is also somewhere we have caught people cheating. In one particular case we caught the culprit in the act, during the day in 30 degree heat.
  • Public toilets. Bordering on stereotypical, public toilets often provide a high level of privacy compared to other communal areas. When it comes to getting caught it can also offer a stronger cover then most other options, as going to the bathroom isn’t a weird activity unless there are already suspicions that an affair is happening.
  • On the side of the road. We once had a case where two people were being intimate in between two parked trucks on the side of the road. Similarly to the public toilets example, needing to pull over during a trip isn’t particularly unusual thing to do, proving that it’s often the most obvious places that people choose to avoid being caught.
  • In a cinema. The movies can often provide a strong cover; given someone can meet the other person inside the cinema, after the lights are already dimmed. With other film watchers all focused on the action on screen, sitting towards the back can mean their actions go unnoticed given the darkness and noise being projected around the room.

Luke also adds, “Public or weird cheating places are often a spontaneous event, and I must admit peoples creativity under such short notice really aspires to greatness, despite they are doing the wrong thing to their partner by cheating. If only they placed as much effort into their current relationship, the issues most likely wouldn’t exist.”

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