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Stroke in Australia: no Postcode left Untouched

A new report released today by the National Stroke Foundation identifies the current and future ‘hotspots’ for stroke which will help inform Australia’s response to the disease, the Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash said today.

“The Stroke in Australia: no postcode left untouched report identifies where stroke has already had a significant impact in Australia, as well as where it is likely to be a problem in the future,” Minister Nash said.

“By identifying where there are high numbers of people living with risk factors such as high blood pressure and obesity, governments and service providers will be better able to support at-risk individuals with the aim of reducing instances of stroke in the community.

“The good news is that the number of stroke deaths per 100,000 Australians has been falling over the last three decades. However, stroke still kills thousands of people each year and cerebrovascular disease—most notably stroke—is the second most common underlying cause of death for Australians.

“Many people who survive stroke will be left with a disability, which places a significant burden on individuals as well as their carers, loved ones and the health system.

“The National Stroke Foundation’s report reinforces how healthier lifestyle choice can help prevent chronic conditions like stroke.

“This includes maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, not smoking and not drinking excessively.”

The Australian Government makes a considerable investment to prevent, detect and treat stroke. This includes about $2 billion a year to subsidise cardiovascular medicines so they are affordable for patients.

The Government also supports stroke research through the National Health and Medical Research Council, and the work of the National Stroke Foundation to raise awareness of prevention and early detection.

For a copy of the report, please see the Stroke Foundation website.
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