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Deborah Hutton: Skincare, life, age and balance

“I have learnt that we are nothing without our health”
– Deboroh Hutton

Deborah Hutton has become one of the most recognised and loved personalities in Australia. She has been an international model, magazine editor, a host and regular on several TV programs, launched her own home ware and eyewear brands, and is painfully aware of the importance of good health and achieving balance in life.

The down-to-earth celebrity, who warmly welcomes everyone to call her “Deb”, is also extremely active in the community, involved with a number of organisations and a particularly passionate advocate for skin health.

As most 50-somethings can relate to, Hutton’s weekends were spent enjoying the sun and the beach without fear, and without a hat. Now two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they’re 70, and we are four times more likely to develop skin cancer than any other type of cancer.

The sun-seeking beauty says that in her youth “…there was no such thing as being ‘sun-safe’. Growing up, I never protected myself from the sun. Using sunscreen or covering up with a hat just wasn’t done,” she says. “Because of that I now represent a generation that’s suffering the consequences of not protecting their skin.

“It was so stressful because in worst-case scenarios, skin cancers can be life threatening. “In fact, almost 2000 people die from them every year in Australia,” reflects Hutton, now an ambassador for the Skin & Cancer Foundation.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. The good news is recent Cancer Council research shows Australian adults are less interested in getting a tan and fewer are experiencing sunburn.

Yet when it comes to sun protection old habits are still strong, with only 36 per cent of us wearing sunscreen, 45 per cent covering up with a hat and 28 per cent seeking shade when outdoors.

“I feel very strongly about telling people to go see a dermatologist for check-ups and not some quack sun clinic. Life is too short for bad diagnosis” – Deboroh Hutton

For Hutton, she is adamant that sun protection is just the start, “I feel very strongly about telling people to go see a dermatologist for check-ups and not some quack sun clinic. “Life is too short for bad diagnosis.”

“I wish I could turn back time to prevent my severe sun damage,” she reflects, “I know that’s not possible but I now aim to control it… cover up whenever I’m outside, raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer in Australia, and stay proactive with both my health and skin checks. “I visit my dermatologist every six months without fail.

“I’m still outdoorsy – I love the beach, playing golf and walking my dog Billie – but I’m constantly aware of the sun and covering up.”

So what has the experience taught her? Hutton says that she has learnt not to take her health for granted. “When we’re young we think we are invincible and have years ahead of us, but time gives you a wonderful insight into reality. “Every other day, we hear of a friend, a loved one who’s suffering from cancer or having a hard time with their health.

“I have learnt that we are nothing without our health. “I found this out after having a disc removed in a neck surgery years ago – it was a rude awakening that we can never ignore our bodies!”

These days Hutton is a businesswoman firmly focused on the importance of balance. A key ingredient to which, she says, is mindfulness. After interviewing some amazingly successful women for her Balance by Deborah Hutton website, she said the one thing that really made sense was how important it is to be mindful.

“It’s about being aware of the different areas in your life, like your health, home, job, relationships and taking a minute to focus on them and do a self-check every now and then to make sure you’re not neglecting anything that will throw you off balance.

“Understand what makes you happy, what works for you and be mindful that you are working towards that.”

These secrets to success and happiness are all revealed on Hutton’s new lifestyle website, Balance by Deborah Hutton, an online community for over-45s which attracts 65,000 new visitors a month.

“There’s a lot of change for women in that 45-plus group, time to re-evaluate and think about things we don’t give enough consideration to. “We’ve built (the website) around eight key fundamental areas like home, body, nutrition, job, finances, beliefs, relationships, life coaching.

“It’s about finding a recipe for balance, and giving women advice through mentors and coaches, building programs they can subscribe to… there is a lot of information on there, and much of it is on video.”

Hutton has recorded 60 interviews with people like Rebecca Gibney, Julia Morris, Mary Coustas, Kathy Lette, Sonia Kruger, Olivia Newton-John, Layne Beachley, Natalie Cook and Kerryn Phelps.

There is numerous material and includes subscriber programs on goal-setting and wellness respectively, where people sign up for regular video emails of encouragement and advice.

The site turned on in October and launched an e-magazine to celebrate.

Hutton now in her 50s, says it is a time to “shrug off any anxiety over looks, to realise the race to flawlessness is unwinnable”.

While she has created a routine of eating well, the former model says “I’m seriously no angel!” and that when you get to this age it is time to let go of the ridiculous pressure to pursue perfection.

Balance By Deborah Hutton



“Balance by Deborah Hutton is a new online community which helps women find a recipe for balance.”
Deboroh Hutton



In a daring and admirable move, which wowed readers across the nation, Hutton proved this point by posing nude on the cover of Australian Women’s Weekly at 50 years of age.

In an interview to mark the 80th anniversary of Australian Women’s Weekly, editor Helen McCabe said that it was what she felt to be her biggest risk to date. That was a hold my breath moment. That was really high risk. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I thought people might cancel subscriptions en masse.”

The risk for both Hutton and editor created one of the most memorable modern day Australian magazine covers. Although the backlash over minor sunspot airbrushing on the Jan 2012 cover was a really testing time for her, she said “I just wish we would adopt that mateship that men do and accept each other for our differences, and be kinder to each other. We are on the same team.”

What it did teach her, like getting older, is resilience. Hutton says, “The best thing about getting into your 50s is you don’t care much anymore. That’s one of the best things about getting older, that freedom and acceptance you have about yourself.”

“But now, building my own business, it’s not about me, it’s about what I feel… and it’s the happiest I’ve been.” Her online community for over-45s aims to inspire women to be a better version of themselves, without a wrinkle cream or cosmetic surgeon in sight.

“When we’re young we think we are invincible and have years ahead of us, but time gives you a wonderful insight into reality.” – Deboroh Hutton

Hutton continues work on finding her own balance, with a schedule that also includes hosting appearances, charity work and a role fronting the Foxtel Movie Show. “I love it” she says, “I get to go to a few movie screenings and the highlights are meeting people like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Sandra Bullock… I met Cate Blanchett the other day, I’ve been a fan of hers for years, and she was lovely.”

Hutton laughs about the experience, “They are just normal people doing an abnormal job.”

What about for fun? Hutton told The Retiree Magazine, “That would have to be golf, it is my release. I love it!”

Balance by Deborah Hutton has 3 simple goals:

  1. To Be a Place To Share Goals and Dreams With Your Peers and Role Models
  2. To Connect Like Minded Members In a Safe, Accessible Environment
  3. To Provide Guidance and Advice To Help You Achieve Your Goals

The recipe for achieving balance is deeply personal and at the same time constantly changing as you move throughDeborah Hutton at Home life’s different stages. Maintaining Balance is a continual process of self-awareness and a desire to make choices towards living a more successful life.

Balance by Deborah Hutton is a program that brings together a team of expert coaches to help us unlock the key to a successful and happier life. Using new me0dia, it can easily be experienced in your own time. Followers are able to join the online forums and connect and share with others on similar journeys.

Maintaining balance is a continual process of self-awareness and a desire to make choices towards living a more successful life. The recipe for achieving balance is deeply personal and at the same time constantly changing as we move through life’s different stages.

At Balance by Deborah Hutton, it is believed that achieving a state of balance is an evolution and ongoing journ

ey towards ‘wellness’ in eight key areas. These keys to wellness are based on the findings and philosophy of internationally renowned wellness expert Dr. Charles Corbin and are echoed in the ‘Australian Unity Wellbeing Report’ produced by Deakin University Professor of Psychology Bob Cummins.

As recognised by scientists the world over, only you can determine or substantially change your feeling of“wellbeing” or “balance”. In the words of Dr. Corbin, “Wellness is considered to be an active process of becoming aware of and learning to make choices (healthy choices) that lead toward a longer and more successful existence.”

When you register to be part of Balance by Deborah Hutton, you will have full access to free and paid content which can help you on your journey for a happier and more successful life.


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