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Save on funeral costs with Simplicity Funerals

The huge elephant in the room is knowing that one day we will cease to exist.

Our inherent squeamishness around talking about the practicalities of death is on the decline, where the Baby Boomers particularly are freely talking about how they plan to go.

The families who come to us in their time of need are from all walks of life. They are people who are in an incredibly vulnerable position and want to arrange a farewell with simplicity and with someone they can trust. The cost of life’s nal unavoidable journey continues to rise, however you can do something about that now.

When you prearrange and prepay a funeral, you can leave your loved ones with a fond memory, not the cost of a funeral.

Prepaying your funeral with Simplicity Funerals is not only one way to protect your family from having to nd funds at a dif cult time; in many cases it will also be the best way to achieve this.

When you prepay a funeral you are locking in today’s price, which means you are protected from in ation. Along with this protection, you will also have the added bene t of knowing the price up front and, when paid in full, there is no more to pay. Compare this with, say, a funeral insurance policy where you may face ongoing premiums that will add up over time – this means you can end up paying more for the funeral insurance policy than the value of the actual funeral.

That is why Simplicity Funerals has been so active in informing the community about the real differences between a prepaid funeral and a funeral insurance policy.

Simplicity Funerals is also able to offer you the nancial bene t that only comes from dealing with the champion of the affordable funeral. Simplicity Funerals specialises in providing respectful funeral services that won’t break the bank.

This becomes of greater importance when your funds are limited due to other nancial commitments, or when you are on a xed income. Did you know that If you don’t have a pre-paid funeral and don’t have the nancial capacity to pay for a loved one’s funeral, we may be able to assist you access your own or a family members Super, to fund a funeral through the Government

Early Release Superannuation Program? This is one of the many reasons you should speak to Simplicity Funerals and learn more about arranging a funeral you can afford.

Additionally, when the time comes, your family and loved ones will have a caring and experienced funeral director from Simplicity Funerals by their side, to help them in their time of need, and to respectfully conduct the funeral according to your wishes.

For all of the families we have the honour of serving, we also offer a free online memorial service through Heaven Address, a website where family and friends can write tributes, messages, light a candle or send virtual owers regardless of where you are in the world.

Simplicity Funerals has more than 35 years’ experience in arranging prepaid funerals and for delivering those services with experience, care and respect. This makes a prepaid funeral from Simplicity the obvious choice for those looking to take care of those they leave behind.

Why not contact Simplicity Funerals today for more information on the benefits of a prepaid funeral.

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