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How To Pack An Organised Suitcase With Packing Cubes

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There is nothing more enjoyable than planning your next trip: the thrill and excitement of the unknown. Many variables come into play when ensuring that your travel goes off without a hitch and what you decide to pack can make or break your experience. If you want to make sure that nothing is forgotten and that you can always find what you need when you need it, use suitcase organisers such as packing cubes.

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When should you use packing cubes?

If you’re taking a two-day trip somewhere, you probably don’t need to use luggage packing cubes. However, if you’re taking a longer trip or one that has an involved itinerary, packing cubes could be exactly what you need. So how do you know when you need them?

1. You’re traveling for a long time.
If you have a multi-week trip that requires a variety of different items, then you’ll want to use packing cubes to help you divide and organise everything you’re bringing with you.

2.You’re going to live out of your bag.
Whenever you have to pack and repack on a regular basis, luggage packing cubes can be incredibly handy. You can pack a few days at a time within each cube, so you only need to grab one cube per location. Or you can use the packing cubes to keep your suitcase organised, so you don’t wind up with exploding luggage every time it opens.

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Three ways to use packing cubes

Use packing cubes in a multitude of ways to help your suitcase stay organized and efficient. The great thing about packing cubes is their versatility. No matter how you want or need to use them, they can work for you. If you’re not sure where to start, the following three packing tips can help.

1. Roll your clothing

When the New York Times asked flight attendants how they packed over 40 garments in a single suitcase, the universal answer: roll your clothes to save space. When you roll instead of fold, you’ll find that you can fit more outfits. But if you want your clothes to stay rolled, that’s where a packing cube comes in handy. It ensures that every time you open your suitcase, your rolled clothes stay exactly where they need to be.

2. Separate your items into categories
One big issue with packing is figuring out where to put everything. When you just throw things into a suitcase, you end up with socks tucked into corners, toiletries mixed with shirts, and undergarments hidden within shoes. An unorganized suitcase can make it nearly impossible to find what you need quickly. With packing cubes, you can make sure that every item is secured with similar items. Then, when you unpack at your location, you just need to remember the correct packing cube to find everything in a particular category.

3. Be selective in your choices
Over packing is a common problem. For many individuals, they would rather bring everything than risk forgetting something. Instead, according to the pros in Forbes you should put back half of what you plan to pack. It’s more important to only take what you need. Luggage packing cubes make selective packing easy because they help you prioritize by what can fit within the cube. You may want to bring five pants but if you can only fit three pants into your small packing cube, the decision is made for you.

Packing cubes can be a lifesaver for the regular and infrequent traveler. They come in four sizes—x-small, small, medium, and large—and a variety of colors. No matter what size or color you need, Zoomlite has it all in stock. Find out more about our range of packing cubes and take a look at our selection now.

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