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Too old for tech? – not likely!

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We are selfie snapping, internet browsing, facebooking, yet Millennials are in denial that another generation may just love modern technology just as much as them. New research has revealed over 50s have embrace modern technology with open arms browsers despite popular belief.

Traditional stereotypes of baby boomers as technophobes are long over due for review, according to new research commissioned by over 50s insurer Apia.

The research has demonstrated Australia’s  over  50s are not only tech-­savvy but have all the latest smartphones and use the trendy apps, just like their younger counterparts. 

More than half (56%) of over 50s believe they can keep up with the latest trends in technology until 80 years or older, whereas 18-­24 year olds believe people become “too old” to do so at age 60 (haven’t they heard 60 is the new 30!). 

Australians over 50 are too often considered a bland, like-minded group, despite their varied interests, experiences and behaviours. Not only are many over 50s digitally confident, they don’t see age as a barrier – they use a range of modern technologies and are frequent social media users.

Passionate app developer, Julie Misson, 55, said technology is the foundation of her business Make it Appen, which creates apps for hospitals and health care organisations.

“People don’t expect baby boomers to be so involved with technology, so they’re usually shocked when I tell them I build software. Nurse by trade, tech-­nerd by nature – that’s what I like to call myself,” she said.

The study also reveals that 66% of over 50s own a smartphone, and 61% who use Facebook, visit the website or app daily. 

Avid Facebook user, Linda Butler, 72, said her smartphone is the main way she accesses social networking websites like Facebook.

“Facebook is such a great way to not only keep in touch with family and friends, but to find them too

“My daughter often laughs at how I’m on Facebook more than herself and my grandson I just love it” adds Linda.

The research delves further to prove Australian’s over 50 are willing to explore and adopt modern technologies as part of their everyday lives.

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