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Meet Saoirse…

The gorgeous baby featured in our Centenary Institute logo! She is all grown up and is now 9 years old.

During Saiorse’s lifetime, Centenary Institute has also grown! We recently celebrated 30 years of life saving research and we hope to continue to help future generations like Saoirse live longer and healthier lives.Last year alone, Centenary Institute made the following breakthroughs:

Associate Professor Jeff Holst and his “Origins of Cancer” team developed a new method of ‘starving’ cancer cells by blocking the nutrient pumps that feed the cells.

Dr Devanshi Seth and our “Liver Injury & Cancer” team uncovered new information about an enzyme called DPP9 believed
to be a potential therapeutic target for limiting tumour growth.

Centenary’s “Skin In ammation” group led by Dr Ben Roediger, discovered a
new pathway that may be vital for our understanding of allergic asthma affecting 2 million Australians. This study lends new light into how different immune cells may interact with one another in the lungs.

Our Melanoma Oncology & Immunology program has found that melanoma cells can be controlled and destroyed by inhibiting the gene EZH2 in some patients. This year, we continue to build on our skills by focusing on and enlarging our research efforts in our three key areas: cancer, in ammation and cardiovascular diseases.

The scientists here at Centenary are working hard to build on these incredible achievements. Every day we learn more but like Saoirse, we still have a long way ahead of us! We need more time and resources to unlock the secrets of cancer, in ammation and diseases with the help of medical research.

These groundbreaking advancements would not be possible without the generosity of people who have kindly decided to leave a gift to Centenary Institute in their Will.

For more information about including Centenary Institute in your Will, please call our Bequest Officer, Emily Hickman:

P: 1800 677 977


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