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Live For Today and Give to Tomorrow with a South American or Polar Adventure

Taking a holiday is one of life’s ultimate pleasures; splashing you with a fresh coat of paint and dusting you with magical memories which see you return with renewed motivation, a deeper understanding of the world and simply feeling better than when you left. Whether you want to cruise amid glaciers, indulge in a luxury ecolodge in the rainforest, or go all out on the tasting menu at a world-renowned restaurant, a holiday is the chance to shake off the constraints of daily life and allow yourself some grace.

A holiday isn’t just frivolous escapism though. The Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists, Chimu Adventures, recently celebrated 15 years of inspiration and while their motto may be ‘Live for Today’ (because life is all the sweeter when you do), they have always given to tomorrow and their trips let you do this too.

How it all began.

Cast your mind back to June 2002. Two young Australians by the names of Greg Carter and Chad Carey are living in the big smoke – as young Aussies do – and are sharing a few beers at a boat race. The conversation turns to South America. Greg and Chad share a passion for this continent which only those who have stepped on South American soil understand. At the time, however, traversing its curves and edges was no easy feat. The logistics of exploring confined travellers either to a rigid group itinerary or threw them open to the prospect of a daunting solo trip. They were inspired to do something about this binary and jotted their ideas down on beer mats.

Two years later and armed with a third-hand laptop in Chad’s lounge, Greg and Chad pieced those beer mat scribblings together to create Chimu Adventures; an Australian company which introduced fully flexible, guaranteed South America itineraries, Antarctica cruises, Arctic cruises and small group tours to travellers.

Coming of age.

July 2019 saw Chimu Adventures turn 15. Greg and Chad were brought up in households where giving back was just part of life. Having a similar upbringing, the mantra ‘don’t help because it is convenient, help because you can’ coloured their early lives and when Chimu was born, philanthropy and sustainability were an integral part of the plan. Operating in developing countries such as Peru and Mexico highlighted the importance of reciprocity and the last decade and a half has seen Chimu help raise close to A$1m in funds towards purpose related activities in South America, the polar regions and at home in Australia through microfinancing projects and donations.

Travel with purpose.

Living for today and giving to tomorrow is what has shaped the holidays Chimu run. We are talking other-worldly experiences such as setting sail on a small ship expedition to the wild Antarctica Peninsula with Australian hero, Kurt Fearnley as the honoured guest. Travel with Kurt and less than 200 fellow passengers on a journey which will see you return brimming with knowledge how best to protect this precious destination, while also raising money for educational programmes helping people with disabilities in marginalised locations.

Kurt Fearnley on Kokoda Trail

We want to transport you to places like the Amazon where by day you will find yourself immersed in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve, a place which sees nature and culture combine. Learn survival skills from indigenous guides or collect camera data recorded of some of the forest’s shyest inhabitants by day, and by night, sleep amid the soft chatter of the jungle in beautiful wood clad rooms with leafy outlooks. 

Amazon River

Let’s make it personal.

It is your holiday so let’s talk about you. No two Chimu itineraries will ever be the same; take advantage of Chimu’s expert knowledge and allow their talented team to assemble a unique South American or polar experience for you. 

Chimu Adventures are The Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists. Their Destination Specialists have lived or travelled South America’s contours extensively; they know the mechanics and will work with you to create a bespoke itinerary from start to finish. Whether your preference is cruising or trekking, a touch of luxury or just somewhere comfortable to rest your head, Chimu make it happen. Most of the Chimu team have also travelled to Antarctica and/or the Arctic on our small ship cruises (under 200 passengers). They have soaked up the power of these destinations first hand and can talk you through the expedition itineraries and ship options according to your interests and budget.

By Frances Armitage at Chimu Adventures.

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