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How to be Well

Gwinganna is thrilled to celebrate the release of a new book on women’s health from two of the most respected presenters in wellness in Australia. How to Be Well is a unique collaboration featuring the guidance of Gwinganna’s Wellness Advisor and former General Manager, Sharon Kolkka with senior presenter and holistic medical doctor, Dr Karen Coates. Both Sharon and Karen have been integral to the growth and evolution of Gwinganna over its 16 years of operation. Countless guests have been able to hear from and be inspired by their evidence–based presentations both at the retreat and across Australia and New Zealand. 

The comprehensive handbook is filled with detailed advice and information, stories and case studies, plus practical elements to help women of all ages live their life well. Covering elements from nutrition and movement, to stress and emotional wellbeing, it provides a step by step guide to Dr Karen and Sharon’s innovative five-pillared approach to wellness. This can empower you along the path to better energy, vitality and enhanced stress resilience addressing optimal physical, mental and emotional health.

“Bringing this book to life to offer to guests and readers from all areas, is an absolute privilege. We can’t express how grateful we are to be able to share the knowledge we have gathered over decades of work,” said Ms Kolkka. 

Guests can learn from both Sharon and Karen in person on various Gwinganna programs, sharing their wisdom and knowledge with men and women alike. 

How to Be Well is available on pre-release until 30 March via Amazon and Booktopia.

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