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Holiday scams you need to watch out for

There’s nothing more exciting than escaping the monotony of your life to enjoy a holiday. There are certain scams that you need to ensure you are on the lookout for. It doesn’t matter where you go, there are always scammers out there who want to take advantage of you. So, be on your guard.


When you land, what is the first thing you do? You take your phone out and look for a Wi-Fi connection. It might be to post on social media, but it’s probably just to let your family know you arrived safely. This is one of the greatest risks. Scammers are setting up open and free networks to steal your information. Not only are they watching what you browse, but some travellers have also had their payment information taken. So, if you need to use Wi-Fi in the airport, make sure you’re using a legit connection.

Booking Scams

Booking your holidays online is now the norm, which means there are more scammers out there trying to steal your cash. They post stunning photos of holiday rentals with prices too great to pass up. There’s just one small problem… they aren’t real! One of the most common signs of this is they ask you to deal with this via email instead of using the company’s booking site. It all appears legit, but it isn’t. Don’t pay by bank transfer. Get the address of the location so that you can check street view to see that it exists as advertised.

Document Fraud

To visit certain countries, you may require a visa. This is something else scammers are taking advantage of. They are selling fake visas or documents that you need to visit foreign countries. It all looks official, but it isn’t. For example, if you want to visit the US you need the ESTA. If you pop over to a search engine and type in ESTA visa, many of the top searches are unofficial. Make sure you’re on the official government sites.

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