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Grey Nomads Encouraged To Check Health Before Travelling

retirees caravanningGrey nomads are being encouraged to have a thorough health check before hitting the road on their winter travels.

An article gathering attention on ABC news today says hospitals in Western Australia’s north are under strain due to travelling retirees heading to the region for the winter.

Rob Whitehead, Pilbara representative of the Rural Doctor’s Association told ABC the  annual migration north by older travellers increases demand for doctor and hospital service..

“I think it’s great that people can get to see a very special part of Australia, but it does put an added strain on health services that are already over-stretched at times,” he said.

“I think making sure that your health has been checked over by your GP before you leave, is probably a really useful thing to do.”

The WA Department of Health has timely information on its website for planning ahead before going on holidays.

Top tips, which are good advice for those travelling anywhere in Australia, include:

  • remember to pack medications and filling scripts ahead of time can all help ensure travel plans go according to plan.
  • Before leaving, meet with your GP to discuss any health issues that may impact on your travel plans.
  •  Pack your medications and repeat scripts.
  • Ensure your medications are stored properly so they remain effective.
  • Ensure your scripts are filled ahead of time, to avoid running out of medication.
  • Keep your doctor, pharmacy, family and emergency numbers handy.
  • Put in place a medication reminder system to ensure medications are taken on time. This could include setting an alarm.
  • Bring a first aid kit for managing small cuts and abrasions.
  • Seek advice regarding travel insurance and ambulance cover before leaving.

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