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Great New Year’s party themes for over 50s

new year's party themes

Check out these party themes perfect for over 50s. Do you spend most of New Year’s Eve waiting for midnight just so you can toast the new year and head to bed? Then you are like most people who have grown out of the party stage of life. You’re too young to count yourself out, though. Why not throw a fun party with a great theme to get everyone involved?

New Year’s Party themes


Did you love the 80s? Were the 70s your favourite? Why not celebrate an entire decade with your party? Invite everyone to get dressed up, make popular drinks and food from the era, and party like it’s 1999… or, 1976. It’s just an opportunity to have a bit of fun as you ring in the new year.

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The Roaring 20s

Everybody enjoys the 1920s aesthetic and it’s a great choice because we’ll be welcoming the 2020s in no time. It was the jazz era so, crank up the gramophone and get ready to do the Charleston. Why not go all the way and make it a Speakeasy – your guests will need a password to get in, and alcohol beverages need to be concealed. You can go all in with the costumes or just make it a casual affair.

Black & White

A classic theme – whether it’s a formal affair or you’re keeping it casual. Use black and white to decorate, incorporate it into your drinks and snacks. If there are under 50s attending your party you can split the difference and have the young ones in all white and the over 50s in black or vice versa.

Dinner Party

You don’t need to go all out to have a great time. Why not just have a dinner party instead? You can invite everyone to bring their favourite dish or make it all yourself. Either way, it can be a casual evening with friends.