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Go Digi – A new national digital literacy program

There are still almost four million Australians who are increasingly disadvantaged by not being online. Writer Nan Bosler asks: does that concern you? Do you see it as motivation to learn more about digital literacy for yourself? Or perhaps it is prompting you to wonder if this program is what you need to help an aged parent or relative gain the confidence to embrace some form of modern communication?

go-digi-helpGo Digi is the joint initiative of Australia Post and Infoxchange, with support from partners like ASCCA. Key issues of digital literacy will be tackled by improving the online confidence and building up skills for the one in five Australians who are not yet online. Research shows that they are missing out on the social, educational and health benefits, particularly those who are isolated for a variety of reasons.

At the heart of the Go Digi program is an online platform that supports learners, mentors and network partners with learning guides, face-to-face learning, community pop-up events and a series of talks called Digital Conversations.

This is a four-year program for national digital literacy with the ambitious goal of supporting more than 300,000 Australians to improve their digital skills. I hope that sometime during this four-year program you will take advantage of it!

You will find it useful if you need to brush up your skills too, it can even increase your work opportunities – you need email to even apply for a job these days.

By encouraging an elderly parent or relative to participate in the Go Digi program you can help them to learn how to use the internet, improve their online skills, pursue special interests and hobbies and, importantly, connect with family and friends around the world. Wonderfully, it’s free!

To use it, go to the internet and visit and help yourself, a parent or relative to register as a learner and show them how to read the how- to guides on everything from using e-Bay and finding out health information to armchair travel. They can also find out if there are any organisations in their area that are holding face-to-face learning events.

If they don’t have an internet connection or have never used one help them to find somewhere to learn more about the internet by attending a Broadband for Seniors Kiosk, a Computer Group or by visiting their local library.

Go Digi has a lot to offer clubs and organisations too. Being a Go Digi network partner means clubs get all the tools they need to hold a face-to-face learning event (called a “Pop Up”).

Clubs can go to and register or contact the go Digi team directly by email at

“Research shows that (one in five Australians not online) are missing out on the social, educational and health benefits, particularly those who are isolated for a variety of reasons.”

go-digi-teachingClick on the ‘find a kiosk near you’ button on the home page to locate the nearest kiosk. If you are aged 50 years and over, you can get basic computer training at a Broadband for Seniors kiosk. The kiosks offer a friendly and secure environment for you to receive basic training and learn new skills.

Volunteer tutors will help you to achieve your individual goals. A good starting point for beginners is a Guide to computer basics. Please take some time to review this guide and then keep it as a handy reference. There are plenty of resources available on this website to help you improve your computer skills, but if you are new to computers it’s best to talk with a tutor first to arrange some training. Your tutor will then set you on the right track.

If you are a bit more advanced, there are free online tutorials that will reinforce your computer skills – and take you even further. You can work through these modules at your own speed or with the guidance of a volunteer tutor. All the resources available on this site can be accessed at home or at a kiosk.

bfs_logoYou could also visit your local library seeking this basic assistance or go to a Seniors Computer Club, click the Computer Clubs List button on


Nan Bosler, OAM

Nan Bosler lives near the War Vets village and has spent many hours talking with war veterans and learning their history. She was honoured in 1984 to receive an ANZAC of the Year Award, presented by Air Marshal Sir James Rowland KBE KFC AFC KStJ, former Governor of NSW who led the Australia Remembers March in 1995.

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