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Funeral insurance designed to protect the ones you love

Australian Seniors Insurance Agency

Did you know that the average cost of a funeral is $8,0001?

It’s not something we like to think about, but planning for this expense can be one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure your family have the money on hand to pay for your funeral costs.

Costs will vary, but a breakdown of typical expenses includes2:

  • Service fees from $2,000+
  • Casket ranging from $800 to $10,000+
  • Cremation (including disposal of ashes, certificates and cremation fees) from $2,400+
  • Flowers and transportation from $400+

And remember funeral costs are not the only bills we can leave behind; medical bills, legal fees and personal loans may also need to be paid once you’re gone. When you consider this, the costs you could leave to your family to cover could be considerable. And the money will likely be required at short notice, adding financial stress at an already difficult and emotional time.

The quick and easy way to take control of your funeral costs

Not only are Australian Seniors the over 50s insurance specialists, they understand that the last thing your family needs is to worry about money during an emotional time. That’s why Seniors Funeral Insurance gives your family quick access to cash to cover your funeral costs and other unpaid expenses you may leave behind, with claims usually paid within one business day of receiving completed documentation. This money can be used however your family need, so it will help them manage any unexpected expenses you may not have anticipated.

Taking out funeral insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make. It’s a simple, positive choice that you can make to help protect your loved ones because you know that should anything happen to you, your family will be left with fond memories – not worrying about the cost of your funeral.

The benefits of Seniors Funeral Insurance:

  • You can choose a cover amount that suits you from $3,000 up to $15,000.
  • Guaranteed acceptance for Australian residents aged 18-79.
  • No medical exam and no blood tests required.
  • Get covered over the phone in minutes.
  • Triple benefit for Accidental Death – up to $45,000.
  • Automatic cover for Accidental Serious Injury Insurance – at no extra cost3.
  • Single or joint cover available.
  • Fortnightly or monthly payment options.

Seniors Promise

When you take out Seniors Funeral Insurance Top Cover, we promise:

  • Your premiums will reduce by 5% for every five years you hold your policy.
  • When the time comes your family will receive your covered amount or all of the premiums you’ve paid – whichever is greater. Or once you turn 85, you can choose to cancel your cover and receive an Early Cash Back payment of 150% of your funeral insurance benefit4.

  1. CoreData June 2016
  2. How much does a funeral cost?
  3. Cover until the policy anniversary after your 75th birthday.
  4. This is subject to you keeping your policy in force and without changing your level of cover. There is no premium refund after the cooling off period. If your policy is cancelled prior to age 85, no benefit is payable. If you choose the Early Cash Back option, you will no longer be eligible to claim and you may receive less than the total premiums you have paid into your policy to date.

Cover is for Accidental Death only in the first 12 months.

This is general information only. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement to ensure the product suits your needs available from This information is provided by Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, a trading name of Greenstone Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 53 128 692 884, AFSL 343079. Seniors Funeral Insurance products are issued by Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd ABN 37 062 395 484. Terms and conditions apply.

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