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Five reasons why cruising is the way to holiday!

VALUE – A cruise is package priced. It includes room, dining, most entertainment, and a slew of extras. Most travelers spend less money on a cruise than they would on a land vacation of equivalent quality.

MORE RELAXING – Cruise-ship life is less of a hassle than land tourism. There are fewer unexpected problems to solve. You don’t have to spend long hours traveling between destinations in a cramped vehicle. And, families don’t get into each other’s hair as often because there are many interesting things for each family member to do.

PAMPERING – Cruise staffers pamper guests at a higher level than do hotel and other land-tourism personnel.

FOOD – Generally the meals on cruise ships are superior to what the typical traveler eats while on a land vacation.

UNPACK ONCE -You won’t have to keep packing and unpacking as you move from one destination to another.

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