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Five reasons to invest in a leather jacket

It’s an item that never dates and is a must-have in the cooler seasons – the humble leather jacket. Our style columnist Connie Matthews shares five reasons to invest in a leather jacket. 

It’s fair to say that as a personal stylist I help, and love to help, women find a style that lifts their confidence and self-esteem. Finding a style that is theirs, they own, enjoy and feel comfortable with – day and night, one that fits into their lifestyle and budget.

One amazing fashion piece that should be in your wardrobe is the humble leather jacket.

This elegant fashion piece can be ‘dressed up’ or ‘dressed down’. The styles are endless with many colour combinations, lengths and hardware. Plus one notable fact – leather gets better with age. If anything – you’ll get tired of it before it gets tired of you. As a material leather is durable, looks fabulous in any form and skinny pants is just one example.

Style is unique to each and every one of us. However, this fashion item should be a well-appointed staple for our autumn, winter and spring wardrobes. Some of us may need a leather jacket for sport, however our focus is on fashion and adding that luxe style into our everyday wardrobe and why.

So here we go:

This unchanging jacket is a valuable staple. It’s traditional colour of black and classic-cut gives that finished, edgy, sassy, street style or classy evening look. A carefree connection between style and self-confidence creating that luxe look and polish with very little effort.

Whatever your colours – black, white, grey, colours, florals, own your individuality – experimenting is fundamental in creating your style and play around with how you wear it. By adding a leather jacket with the right fit, finishes and style that suits your personality, lifestyle and wardrobe you can look feminine, chic and sexy.

Designers have been experimenting with styles through the decades. And Lea Seydoux illustrates, with perfection, how to put that classic leather aviator with a long-sleeve gown. It’s simplicity and practicality rolled into one. Step up and create a statement. Be creative you’re your shopping, be fearless, own it, wear it, enjoy it, don’t worry about what others say, have fun with it. Reap the rewards by standing out from the crowd. Care for it and know that this one little fashion piece will be around for many years to come.

Whatever your style colours – black, white, grey, florals, own your individuality. Experimenting is fundamental in creating your style and play around with how your wear it. By adding a leather jacket with the right fit, finishes and style that suits your personality, lifestyle and wardrobe you can look feminie, chic and sexy.

A little attitude is a great thing and will go a long way towards creating individuality, being funky and self-assured. Leather has the ability to change our behaviour, the allure of a great lifestyle and feel positive about ourselves. This luxurious material, when worn, has the surprising ability to give us immediate poise, confidence and feel ‘more expensive’.

All this from wearing that one little item. It’s pure cool. It’s a wardrobe piece that doesn’t need to work too hard in making you look good. Gone are the days when this little fashion piece was reserved for ‘tough rocker chicks’.

How far back do I need to go to illustrate this humble item? All the movie stars of old had one. And I hate to use the word ‘old’ as I remember these movies with great fondness. But you have to agree they were totally cool. So why wouldn’t you want to look just as cool? Today it’s still the same, nothing has changed – just about all celebs are wearing them.

History is dotted with leather jackets. Elvis, early on, always wore one. Who can forget John Travolta in Grease? Brad Pitt in Fight Club? Clearly, having that one piece in our wardrobe expands your look to no end. If you really feel like your leather jacket has had better days put it away because it will come back with a vengeance.

By adding this ‘luxe basic’ you’ll be surprised at how it extends your fashion look with absolute ease. Go on – throw it over an evening dress and watch the comments fly in. It’s awesome stuff!


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