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Family Doctor Week – How Ling Since You have had Check Up?

Family Doctor WeekThis Family Doctor Week, AMA (NSW) is calling on everyone, men especially, to think about how long it has been since they have seen their family doctor for a check-up.

Family Doctor Week runs from 20 July to 26 July and this year’s theme is Your Family Doctor: Keeping you Healthy.  

“Preventative healthcare is a key strength of general practice and to ensure your health, you should think about seeing your GP for more than just the flu,” AMA (NSW) President, Dr Saxon Smith, said. “GPs help prevent people from getting sick through things like immunisation, routine checks such as blood pressure, and providing health advice.

“Prevention is better than a cure but a lot of people, especially men, don’t see their doctor for check-ups that could prevent more serious problems down the line,” Dr Smith said.

“Catching a patient with elevated blood pressure through a routine blood pressure test, for example, is one way family doctors can prevent serious illness.

“People who are planning to travel overseas should see their family doctor for a check-up before they go. “You should see your doctor several weeks before travelling to make sure you and your children are fully immunised.

“I want to remind people that family doctors are here to help you when you’re sick but also to keep you well.

“If it’s been a while since you’ve last seen your doctor, you should think about booking a check-up, especially if you are going overseas,” Dr Smith said.
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