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Don’t Forget Your Vaccinations if Travelling Overseas These Holidays

People travelling overseas for the holidays are reminded to have their appropriate vaccinations. 

AMA (NSW) President, Dr Saxon Smith says:  “In a year where we’ve seen ongoing measles epidemics around the world and unvaccinated travellers bringing it back home to Australia, people heading overseas should be thinking about vaccination.

“There are worse diseases than measles that are endemic in many parts of the world popular with Australian travellers and it pays to be informed and vaccinated.

“Your doctor can give you up-to-date health information as well as the latest on vaccines you may need,” Dr Smith said.

“Vaccines take some time to become fully effective after they are administered and some require more than one dose, so make sure you see your doctor well in advance of your departure date,” Dr Smith said.

“It doesn’t matter how far abroad you are travelling or to which country, your doctor will be able to provide you with valuable information to keep you healthy.

“Even though they are both very close, conditions in Bali are very different to those in New Zealand, for example,” Dr Smith said.

“And make sure you get adequate travel insurance for your destination. “Getting your doctor’s advice before you travel is a good start for a healthy trip but it won’t be enough if you have a medical emergency while you’re away,” Dr Smith said.


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