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Dehum has been providing energy-efficient dehumidifiers and humidifiers for residential and commercial use for over 2 decades. Contact us for the right Solution!

Dehum are the climate control experts. Dehum has been providing homes and businesses air solutions for over 2 decades. Supplying the best units from around the globe with dehumidifiers for indoor pools, homes, museums, data storage facilities, man caves, wine cellars, industrial spaces and more.

We are proud to be the only Dantherm supplier in Australia. Dantherm have the most advanced dehumidification solutions on the market today.

Dantherm dehumidifiers have been synonymous with quality, reliability and efficiency for more than 40 years, and today they are global leaders in providing high-end quality and energy efficient dehumidifiers for a wide range of mobile and fixed applications in virtually any operating temperature range. Contact Dehum for right solution today.

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1/55 Leland Street, Penrith, NSW
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