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Declutter With the Garage Sale Trail

Spring has sprung and summer is truly en route, meaning, of course, it’s time to declutter.

Decluttering is a theme of Garage Sale Trail on Saturday, 24 October, and co-founder Darryl Nichols believes the event’s popularity is due in part to the fact that it provides motivation – and a deadline – for individuals and families who want to declutter.

“Garage Sale Trail attracts those who are looking for some motivation to declutter and get organised in preparation for the warmer months ahead,” Mr Nicholas said.

“From the time they register for free online at sellers have about four to six weeks to prepare for the big day of simultaneous garage sales around Australia so there’s the benefit of a deadline in sight – no procrastination allowed!”

Professional organiser Helen Butler from Clutter Rescue, who assists households to create more functional, organised living spaces, said many clients ask for advice about what to do with unwanted items because they want to avoid throwing things away.

“I’m an advocate of Garage Sale Trail because the event provides everyone an annual opportunity to get organised and declutter but also to sell excess belongings to someone else who needs or loves them, instead of just throwing things out to end up as landfill,” Ms Butler said.

While hosts of garage sales benefit from clearing up their living spaces, buyers at garage sales can also avoid purchasing more clutter by shopping consciously.

Ms Butler said shoppers need to ask themselves: Is it beautiful, do I love it?  Is it useful?  Will I use it?

Now in its fifth year, Garage Sale Trail is Australia’s largest annual garage sale, and is expected to involve upwards of 400,000 participants on Saturday, 24 October.

How the Garage Sale Trail works is all explained right here.

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