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Declutter During National Organising Week

This week is National Organising Week and the Australian Association of Professional Organisers is helping you in your quest to declutter by providing tips for decluttering, as well as drop off points in every city for your e-waste and soft toys.

Letting go of your junk will not only improve your life but often benefits many others in the community.

AAPO offers some tips to help you let go of unwanted stuff. 

Firstly, be brave, change takes courage.

  • Change the way you and your family measure happiness. Stop comparing yourself with the neighbours or fictional TV families. Find the things that truly make you happy.
  • Value yourself and your relationships not the stuff you think makes them important.
  • Honour the person or event not the stuff. You won’t forget that special someone if you don’t keep every memento as a reminder.
  • Find treasures that really means something amongst the meaningless piles of stuff
  • Weigh up the costs of storing and transporting things throughout your life as well as the non financial costs (freedom, stress, conflicts) of filling your space with stuff you may use sometime in the future against the cost of buying a new one if and when you need it.
  • Open lines of communication with those around you – get on the same page, be united in your efforts to live your best life.

A great way to create space for what really matters and free yourself from clutter is to donate your good but unwanted stuff to a charity. 

Charities often need specific items such as:

  • The Lifeline Book Fests.
  • The Salvo’s Winter blanket drive.
  • Men’s Shed groups often love donations of tools to help them create programs such as recycling bicycles and wood working projects.
  • Dress for Success need business attire to help disadvantaged women prepare for job interviews and enter the workforce. 
  • Even our four legged friends can benefit from clutter. Pre loved toys can be donated to animal shelters for use by their wards.
  • Quilting groups can use fabrics to create special quilts for Children’s Hospitals and bereavement support groups.

AAPO President Narelle Todd says you can live a life of abundance with less stuff.  All of us have been conditioned to think that the more stuff we have the happier, more successful and even more loved we will be. Unfortunately the opposite is often true. People are more stressed, more emotionally weighed down, more financially insecure and burdened by their accumulation of stuff.

AAPO is working with its partner 1800-GOT-JUNK?.

1800-GOT-JUNK? currently recycles and donates to local non-profit organisations and resources including:

  • Thrift stores and charitable organizations
  • Non-profit housing programs
  • Wood recyclers
  • Electronics and computer recyclers
  • Glass and bottle depots
  • Local artists
  • Educational programs

Their service is recognised for outstanding customer service that is based on a simple, yet effective concept: friendly drivers call customers in advance; arrive at the customer site on schedule; and provide a full cleanup after the junk is removed.

Starting today, you can take your junk to locations in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne where 1800-GOT-JUNK will sort and distribute it. Drop off points are at:

Perth:  Wednesday 10th September from 10am

The Warehouse Cafe

221 Onslow Road

Shenton Park, Perth


Brisbane: Wednesday 10th Sept 11.30-1.30pm

Bunning’s Cannon Hill

1853-1881 Creek Rd, Cannon Hill QLD 4170

Electronic and Tech Waste


Sydney: Wednesday  10th Sept 11.30-2.00pm

Bondi Junction Mall

During Bondi markets

Soft pre loved toys for the Recycle Toys Group


Melbourne:  Thursday 11th September 11.30-1.30pm

Chadstone Homemaker Centre

699 Warrigal Rd Chadstone

Tech Junk donation

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