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Career change over 50

While changing career path over the age of 50 may seem like a daunting prospect, a new study shows that half of Australians over 50 are open to career change.

An ambitious career move not exclusive to the millennial: A national study commissioned by over 50s insurer, Apia, reveals an overwhelming one in two Australians over 50 would change their career tomorrow if the opportunity presented itself.

The findings contradict a more traditional ‘learn-work-retire’ perspective, supporting the hunger for both personal and professional satisfaction, at any age.

Head of Apia Customer Value, Geoff Keogh said “Today’s over 50s are not over the hill. As our research demonstrates, growing older doesn’t result in complacency; it means freedom and the luxury of time to accomplish great things – arguably the stage in one’s life where the possibilities are actually endless.”

However, change is not necessarily confined by the next office job. The study also uncovers that 77% of over 50s believe their creativity increases or stays the same with age, an insight that underpins the increasingly common ‘over 50 entrepreneur’.

Former corporate worker, Tina Tedesco-Vella, 52, (pictured) says that age really is just a number when it comes to kick-starting your entrepreneurial journey.

“After 20 years of working in various corporate roles, I recently decided that it was time to take a risk and explore my creative side.”

Now the proud owner of her own narrative storytelling business, ‘Picture Story,’ Tina admits the leap is a scary one, but massively rewarding.

“I love my work because it combines my passion for writing with my love for photography. Life’s too short to spend your days bound to an office chair doing something you hate,” says Tina.

Tina hopes that her experience will encourage others to go against the grain and chase their dreams, no matter what their age.

“If this journey has taught me anything, it’s that there is no such thing as a use-by date,” says Tina.

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  • I have retired three times with career changes since I was 57. 39 years in the original job at a senior level, picked up a second one with a 5 year contract at a similar level in the federal government, so took my pension my state pension and moved on. At that time I received two job offers. After that retired for 18 months and helped sail a yatch back from Mexico and decided at 63 to go back to work in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. On return to Australia worked in the funeral industry for 6 months but picked up another position with an 18 month contract undertaking risk management work in the state government again. Finished that position 2 years ago as we had to make some budget savings and just picked up an 18 month contract in April in local government. I was 67 at that time. So if you have the skills and the right attitude and remained motivated and want to continue to work, there are opportunities. My grand father worked full time until he was 80. So you can do it if you have the motivation. Good for your mental health.