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Caravanning: Turning a Holiday into a Lifestyle

[hr]What if you could turn your holiday into your lifestyle, drifting along in permanent holiday mode? Callie Henderson explains how easy it is to make these dreams a reality. [hr]


Imagine going to a new place, having an adventure, getting out of your comfort zone, or simply having a relaxing bit of downtime… and then staying in that blissful environment? By choosing to go caravanning and camping that is exactly what you can do! For however long you want it to be, your live-in vehicle of choice becomes your mobile base through which you can live your life – on permanent (or semi-permanent) holiday.

Truly one of the best things about caravanning is the lifestyle you create on four (or five, or six) wheels! It’s a different rhythm of life, one that is not determined by check out times or flight schedules, but by your own sense of adventure and exploration.

Every day can bring new people, new places, and new experiences if you like, and always at your own pace.

The Experiences

If you’re only planning a short trip, consider a caravanning and camping holiday as a way to see more of the country. Rather than spending a week anchored at a resort, never venturing far the hotel grounds and waking up to the same vista each day, take a week to drive one of this country’s great roads – Sydney to Wollongong, for example is a fantastic trip on the Grand Pacific Drive; as is the drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, where you can say g’day to the Twelve Apostles.


Each day will be filled with new sights to see, new people to meet – like your own little treasure hunt of discovery. A new destination each night, a new homestead on the horizon each morning – even the shortest of trips can be packed full of new experiences when you’re on the move.

If time isn’t an issue, there’s no better way to see this great country than by traversing its entirety (or at least the parts of it covered by sealed roads.) Australia is replete with iconic and varied landscapes and climates. Why not chase the sun from the rise in the east to the set in the west? Or follow warm weather up north during the winter months? Across Australia you can witness deserts, rainforests, snow-capped mountains, and expansive, sun-kissed beaches; your imagination (and your fuel gauge) are your only limit. Ski fields, vineyards, macadamia farms, national parks, and camel safaris all await you – all you need to do is go.

[pullQuote]Indeed, caravan parks have made it onto the Travellers Choice list of the top ten places in Australia to stay, competing with five-star resorts. For all those whose favourite adage is “The only stars I want to sleep under are five stars”, you can do both, with ‘Glamping’.[/pullQuote]

Think of all the iconic sights in Australia – from the Twelve Apostles to Uluru, from Kakadu and the Great Barrier Reef to the convict ruins of Port Arthur. The diversity of these most famed tourist attractions speaks volumes about the variety that is out there, and the experiences you may seek off the beaten track.


Easier than ever before 

While some may find the prospect of making their way around Australia – or even just taking a week away – in a caravan, motorhome, or a camper trailer daunting , it’s time to update your perception. Camping and caravanning have come a long way since the days of the rusty Combi van or the mildew-ridden swag. These days, camping and caravanning can become a five-star experience.

Indeed, caravan parks have made it onto the Travellers Choice list of the top ten places in Australia to stay, competing with five-star resorts. For all those whose favourite adage is “The only stars I want to sleep under are five stars”, you can do both, with ‘Glamping’.

‘Glamping’ or ‘Glamorous Camping’ is a term used to refer to the more luxurious world of camping and caravanning. This style of holidaying looks to maintain the simplicity and ‘back-to-nature’ feel of a camping or caravanning holiday, while creating an altogether more lavish experience. This is done primarily by upgrading the set-up.

Think plush cabins on deserted waterfronts, ornate tents complete with their own set up team, and luxurious motorhomes with all the modern-day appliances and fixtures you’ve come to love. Fancy a spa bath on the road? Or simply a nice soft bed under the stars? Then Glamping is for you.

Planning a holiday doesn’t need to be a chore. Caravanning and camping allows you the flexibility to move with the wind if you like, and can be upgraded to suit your desired comfort level, while keeping in line with your budget. [hr]

More Information

For travel ideas, download the 99 Experiences e-book for free at – it is the ultimate travel guide for the Australian drive tourist. It will inspire you to venture where you probably haven’t thought to tread, and give you that final push to see that place you’ve always meant to experience.

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