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Beware: Fake Australian Federal Police Court Scam

Checked your inbox lately? You might have received an invitation to attend court from the Australian Federal Police (AFP), but beware: it’s a scam.

The ABC reported that the email, which has been making the rounds over the last week, is headed “you are invited to the law court by the judge because of an offense against the law”. It already sounds dodgy!

The email includes attachments to their case file, which, if clicked, will prompt to download the documents.

The AFP issued a statement encouraging people to ignore and delete the email: “There are several links in the email which may be malicious. Don’t click on the links — delete the email from your inbox and deleted items folder immediately”.

They also tweeted a picture of the email (below).

“Remember, the AFP does not send emails requesting court attendance.”

A scam warning is also current for another fake email masquerading as a traffic infringement notice from the AFP.

That scam email asks its recipient to pay an “AFP fine” of $150. If any link within the email is clicked, malware will install itself on your device and render it inoperable.

You can report scam emails to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.

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