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A Natural Remedy For Inflammation

Suffering from any type of disease can have patients relying on a cocktail of prescription drugs, but for some conditions there may be a more natural remedy close to hand.

Users of Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement have found that the plant-based supplement has helped them with the management of their blood glucose, cholesterol and arthritis.

Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement reportedly helps reduce pain and inflammation, normalise blood glucose levels and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and cholesterol levels.

For some users, a daily dose of the liquid has helped them come off pain and diabetic medication.

Arborvitae, Latin for ‘tree of life’, contains natural plant extracts including French Maritime Pine Bark, papaya, Aloe Vera and honey.

Each of these ingredients has its own therapeutic benefits, but when combined, are reported to provide a very potent supplement.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration listing, the combination of ingredients may support the health and function of the immune system, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce inflammation. “It targets the pieces in the body where there is inflammation”, says Grant Brewer who used Arborvitae to treat his joint pain.

He also had Type 2 diabetes for six years but has been off medication since the natural supplement stabilised his blood sugar levels. “I feel great”, he adds.

Julie Pollack started using Arborvitae in preparation for hip surgery, while suffering a lot of pain due to her worn out hip.

“After taking my first dose of 30ml, within 20 minutes, I felt the pain start to subside and I was quite amazed by that.”

She says she hasn’t needed to take any pain medication since she began taking the liquid.

As people get older the cells in their body can get inflamed and this can lead to a whole range of ailments.

Arborvitae’s managing director Brendan Howell explains that cellular inflammation is a hidden factor that results in many diseases and illnesses today.

“One of the objectives of Arborvitae is to address that cellular inflammation.

“We’ve had some great anecdotal evidence from people that are taking it,” Mr Howell says.

The Australian company is committed to evidence based medicine and is undertaking Therapeutic Goods Administration approved clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of its supplement on specific conditions.

You can listen to 2GB’s Chris Smith’s full interview with Grant Brewer and Brendan Howell.



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