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André Rieu, Life and the Music of Friendship!

By Imogen A. Rose 

Andre Rieu’s recently launched album, Happy Together, heralds hope for a world anew and captures the marvel and meaning of the music of friendship!

As the world continues to accept the realities of the coronavirus pandemic, little by little, life’s pleasures are once again returning. Thus, after more than one year apart, André and his Johann Strauss Orchestra were finally able to unite, celebrate and create the beautiful Happy Together.  

This is an album powered by the pleasure of companionship, and in particular, the rare camaraderie developed through 30 years of experience as one orchestra. André explains, “We are practically married, my orchestra and me. I can’t do without them, and they can’t do without me”. It is a communion reflected through the notes of music.  André communicates the emotional foundation of the reunion during which “we laughed and we cried”.  

He believes this environment has resulted in a pertinent, palpable pleasure for the audience, within which, “I think you will feel our joy and energy of being able to make music again. I hope my new album will make you very, very happy!” Happy Together is an uplifting and heartwarming compilation of favourite pieces of André and his wife, Marjorie. Each track has been thoughtfully and carefully chosen to “celebrate life, love and joy” in a world of transformation.

Music is both personal and public. It evokes one’s individual experiences, understandings, and memories of particular sounds and melodies. Yet, it also promotes a shared event, a communal celebration of notes and chords that create meaning and happiness. This is very much at the heart of André Rieu and the nature of the magnificent music he creates.  He cherishes the meaning of music, and values with great affection the relationship between himself and his audience. Happy Together will connect with all ages and encourage lively celebration of the music.  

There is the entertaining and quintessential carnival tune, Circus Renz, with its frenetic, frenzied gallop, the wistful and wanting Wiyathul, the starry-striped, strident sounds of Semper Fidelis, Waves Of The Danube – sometimes referred to as The Anniversary Song – the emphatic call of The Egyptian March, and the romantic lull of Can’t Help Falling in Love. Other ever-popular pieces include La Bamba, Maastricht, City Of Jolly Singers, When I’m Sixty Four, Berliner Luft – known as the unofficial anthem of Berlin, and the title track, Happy Together. It’s a contemporary combination of tradition, freedom and fun inspired by the gifts of friendship and the beauty of sound. Happy Together is a smashing, musical escape that envelops a variety of moods, themes and sensations for a diverse, international audience. It is also a reminder that while our wings may still be clipped – though in a state of renewal – we can at least soar through the sound of music!

“Happy Together” is available in stores, and online at Celebrate the return to life with this joyful new album by superstar André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra!

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