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AMA President Thanks Hugh Jackman for Raising Skin Cancer Awareness

AMA (NSW) President, Dr Saxon Smith, is thanking Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, for raising awareness of skin cancer.

“Hugh Jackman is continuing to be very open about his treatment for skin cancer and asking people not to repeat his mistakes and wear sunscreen.

“That said, he’s clearly doing the right thing now and having his skin checked by a doctor and catching skin cancer early so it can be treated,” Dr Smith said.

“It’s great someone with his profile is reminding people about the dangers skin cancer poses. “I want to thank him for continuing to help raise awareness,” Dr Smith said.

“I’d also like to thank the federal politicians who are having me check their skin today for helping raise awareness about skin cancer.“They’re helping me send a very good message to their constituents,” Dr Smith said.

“Most skin cancers are preventable, as almost all of them are caused by exposure to UV radiation. “The more sun you are exposed to, the greater your lifetime risk for developing skin cancer. “The best way you can avoid it is to wear broad spectrum sunscreen, protective clothing, a hat, and sunglasses as well as seeking shade in peak UV times,” Dr Smith said.

“If you are concerned you might have skin cancer, you should head straight for your family doctor for a skin check. “There is no substitute for a doctor, especially a dermatologist, checking your skin from scalp to the soles of your feet.

“A skin check may find the mole you’re worried about is fine but another skin lesion you hadn’t noticed or been concerned by is cancerous.

“People living in Australia, especially those with fair skin, should have regular skin checks to ensure skin cancer is caught early when it is more likely to be treatable,” Dr Smith said.

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