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Alison Ford and Actively Ageing

Alison Ford is a physiotherapist with 33 years of clinical experience in the UK and Australia. She has always had a passion for teaching exercises in perfect form.

During the past four years, she has been busy developing a physio-based program for the over 50s aimed at improving their health outcomes. The resultant four-session exercise/educational program delivers a plethora of information, techniques and exercises to improve the health outcomes of the over 50s.

The program is based on the popular Actively Ageing ‘Kit’, which includes a handbook of information about all sorts of age-related health conditions, lifting techniques and posture advice; a workbook of over 200 photographs of exercises and an exercise DVD of two levels of 30 minute exercise routines. Alison has used a great illustrator to enhance the books in a really fun way setting the scene for the courses, which are always fun and light-hearted.

Alison has physios throughout Australia working with her program and new physios are joining all the time. The exercises are individually adapted and specifically designed to stretch and tone every muscle, tendon and ligament in your body. There are two different levels of fitness catered for and by the completion of the two-week, four-session course, you should be able to perform all of the exercises safely and correctly. Attendance is in small groups and you will be assessed thoroughly prior to the commencement of the course and then again four weeks after completion.

Many people have been purchasing the ‘kit’ and taking it along to their physio to ensure that they are dong their exercises correctly and often get together in small groups e.g. grey nomads, men’s groups, friends to exercise together while watching the DVD. There is scope for many different uses of the ‘kit’ in order to have some fun while improving your health outcomes into your older age! We all want to be in control of our own health and this will give you the opportunity to do that in an easy, fun affordable way.

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