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5 non-surgical cosmetic treatments to watch in 2019

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are on the rise with the focus shifting from “lips and cheeks” to more long-term skin health, a clear complexion, delayed signs of ageing and full-face beautification. The 5 most popular treatments in 2019 will be skin focused and deliver natural results.

1. Treatments such as Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) where growth factors and stem cells from your own blood are injected to promote healthy skin cells and collagen production.

2. Injectable skin hydrators containing hyaluronic acid to promote deep skin hydration and improve skin texture.

3. Treatments to remove sun damage, pigmentation and premature photoaging such as the dermamelan peel.

4. Facial contouring using injectable fat dissolvers to remove double chins and jowls.

5. Skin tightening treatments such as radiofrequency delivering no down time options to stimulate collagen and elastin and deliver tighter, firmer skin.