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5 great foods to help your summer complexion

Summer means sporting a great tan, but it also means excess sweating and the products you use can lead to complexion problems. There’s a way you can help improve your complexion, though. Believe it or not, there are foods you can eat to improve your summer complexion – here are five of them.


Cucumbers are packed with water and contain a bunch of minerals and vitamins as well. Not only are they are a great way to keep your hydration levels up, which benefits your skin, but they also brighten up your complexion. Toss them in your salads, your water or enjoy them on the side of every meal.

Leafy Greens

Spinach, chard, and kale are all excellent examples of dark leafy greens. They boost your immune system, help regulate blood sugar, and support your overall health. Better yet, they promote a healthy pH balance which is great news for your complexion.


It won’t just cool you down, the water content in watermelon also works to flush toxins from your body. Fewer toxins mean a better complexion.


Now you can join the millennials by indulging in a bit of avocado toast. Avocados are packed with healthy fats, vitamins C and E, and they have amazing health benefits. Thanks to those vitamins they keep your skin moist, and eating avocados also boosts collagen production which should keep wrinkles at bay. Your complexion thanks you.


Carrots aren’t just good for your eyes, vitamin C combined with beta-carotene are rock stars when it comes to improving your complexion.


Perhaps the greatest thing about these five foods is that they are affordable, and you can add every single one of them to a salad. If you don’t love the idea of watermelon in your salad, just use it as a side at every meal!

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