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10 relationship resolutions for 2020

relationship resolutions

It’s easy for your relationship to take a back seat to all the other demanding stuff in your life. But it doesn’t have to with a few practical changes and these 10 relationship resolutions for 2020, writes Debbie Rivers.

It’s a new decade and it’s time to make relationship resolutions that will make your loved ones feel loved.

Here are my 10 relationship resolutions:

1. Ditch those irritating things you do that you know annoy your partner.

2. Listen more and resist the urge to fix their problems.

3. Vent to friends -one person can only take so much.

4. Don’t hold onto a list of past faults or failures that cause resentment.

5. Say sorry without justifying yourself.

6. Show small signs of affection every day.

7. Ditch the passive-aggressive behaviour, ask for what you want and need.

8. Don’t assume.

9. Do something exciting together.

10. Have that regular date night, kiss more and have more sex!

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