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What it’s like to be a parent in a war zone

How do parents protect their children and help them feel secure again when their homes are ripped apart by war? In this warm-hearted talk, psychologist Aala El-Khani shares her work supporting — and learning from — refugee families affected by the civil war in Syria. She asks: How can we help these loving parents give


Video: Adorable Baby goats having a pyjama party…

baby goats

Sunflower Farm Creamery let their first 10 kids born out for a pyjama party – What fun! Watch the video here….


Video: Dogs visit spa for the first time

dogs visit day spa

Amazing dogs deserve an amazing treat and it looks like this doggie retreat centre is what doggie dreams are made of! Watch as dogs visit spa for the first time.


Wales Male Voice Choir’s Christmas Video

Wales Male Voice Choir

The Welsh Male Choirs are known worldwide for their wonderful tones and uplifting Christmas tunes…mostly. This is an exception. The Wales Male Voice Choir’s Christmas Video has shocked thousands around the world. Needless to say we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you. The footage shows a talented singer cooing a song about a


Video: How to get rid of baggy eyes

Baggy eyes

The development of dark circles and baggy eyes is a common problem. Bags under your eyes become more noticeable as you age, a time when skin begins to lose elasticity. Although they are not harmful, they are not attractive and they can lead to low self-esteem. The problem of eye bags is often attributed to


How will Obama spend his retirement?

President Obama Retirement

President Obama’s retirement, how will he spend it? A funny little skit aired at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner of President Obama pondering how he should spend his free time after leaving office. You can find some of the best Obama speeches here


What Difference Does 57 Years Make?

It might only go run four-and-a-half minutes, but this video of a young boy and an older man asking each other life questions and giving advice is going to make you cry. In a YouTube video posted by Irish-based viral video company Facts, a seven-year-old boy and a man 57 years his senior sit down with