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5 tips for a healthy trip

healthy trip

If you’re going on holidays then don’t let problems such as a bloated tummy or an upset digestive system spoil your fun. Integrative medical doctor Dr Cris Beer shares her tips on how to have a happy, relaxing and healthy trip.


How an overseas trip can change the bacteria in your tummy


Your gut contains around 500 different types of bacteria, which work to help keep you healthy. However, travel, while exciting, can cause an imbalance in this bacteria leading to dreaded tummy troubles on the road. Integrative medical expert Dr Cris Beer explains how to avoid this and keep healthy while you’re on holiday.


Totally Cured and Cultured at Bennelong


Dream about dining inside the dramatic sails of the Sydney Opera House with its spectacular views, creative food by the supremely talented Peter Gilmore, but think you need the king’s ransom? Helen Flanagan experienced the luxury without the linen.


City and beach options in Thailand


Walking the beach, visiting an island, shopping the markets and enjoying a massage are just a few of the attractions that will encourage 35 million people to visit Thailand this year. Many will be returning for the second, third or tenth time because this country has a magical attraction to those who have previously visited.Well-travelled


Frequent Flying Pets

frequent flying pets

We all love to travel but many pet lovers hate to leave their beloved pets behind. When it comes to long distance travel, preparation is the key writes Dr Jo Righetti.


Heading to the northern hemisphere soon? How to staying chic and warm when travelling

chic and warm when travelling

If you are heading to the northern hemisphere in the near future or over Christmas, you need to be packing some warmer clothes. By-pass the frumpy fashion feeling when trying to stay warm and pack these chic winter tips by fashion stylist Alarna Hope.


A “staycation”…The holiday you are having when you can’t afford a holiday


Do you desperately need a holiday but lack the time and funds to pack your bags and escape for an overseas vacay? When you’re trying to juggle your everyday life around annual leave and other commitments, it can be very hard to carve out that much-needed down-time. Karen Sander has the perfect tips for the


Great Victorian Bike Ride – Doing something different!

Great Victorian Bike Ride

If you are on the look out for your next scenic adventure, Gail Rehbein has road tested the perfect bike ride festival for you to get peddling on.


Could Sydney to London ever be weekend-able?

Sydney to London

Non-stop flights to London may be close for Sydneysiders, but will we ever be able to get there in just a few hours? Catriona May asks the question.


A day in the life of Australian orangutan whisperer


We spent a day in the life of Leif Cocks, The Orangutan Project founder and President. A passionate campaigner for orangutans and a key player in developing conservation plans for orangutans and influencing positive change for orangutan protection and survival. After having arrived in Jakarta the previous evening, we have an early start at 3:30am