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New hope for treating advanced prostate cancer

prostate cancer

A revolutionary three-in-one blood test could pave the way to precision-personalised treatment for advanced prostate cancer, scientists say.


Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute scientists halt stomach and bowel tumour growth


There’s new hope for patients with stomach and bowel cancer after Melbourne scientists discovered a way to suppress the growth of tumours.


Melburnians Victoria University needs your dodgy knees

knee pain

In a world-first study, Victoria University researchers are investigating what happens to the body when an older person with osteoarthritis of the knees stumbles or falls.


Promising two-step treatment for pancreatic cancer

pancreatic cancer

Australian scientists have uncovered a promising new approach to treating pancreatic cancer that makes tumours more responsive to chemotherapy by first weakening it with a drug used to treat stroke.


Nerves help the spread of cancer


Drugs that target the body’s nerves could become a new way to treat cancer, an Australian biochemist says. Researchers at the University of Newcastle have found evidence of a physical link between the nervous system and cancer tumours.


Blood sugar and Alzheimer’s ‘tipping point’ link established


Scientists have established a “tipping point” link between the blood sugar glucose and Alzheimer’s disease. Research from the University of Bath found excess glucose damages a vital enzyme involved with inflammation response to the early stage of the disease.


Doctors seek to quell cervical cancer fear

cervical cancer

The way Australian women are tested for cervical cancer is about to change – for the better. The biennial pap smear will become a thing of the past from May 1, replaced by a test sexually-active women will need just once every five years, from age 25 instead of 18.


Caught! The cell behind a lung cancer

lung cancer

For four years straight medical researcher Clare Weeden would go on alert whenever lung surgery was underway anywhere across Melbourne. No matter the time, she would have to be ready in her lab to receive samples of fresh tissue as part of a project to isolate and research the stem cells that repair our lungs as they


News: $125m funding boost for dementia, cancer and concussion research

funding boost

Researchers and scientists trying to tackle problems in health and medicine such as cancer, dementia and concussions in sport have been given a $125 million funding injection. Research into tropical diseases, mental health and indigenous health will also benefit from the 5-year federal funding package. Greg Hunt awarded the funding to 110 projects and 232 researchers


Biggest financial stress for working seniors is retirement

losing money

Retirement is the number one cause of financial stress for Australian workers over 50, according to AMP research released today. The research, undertaken by AMP for its 2016 Financial Wellness report, revealed the stress increases with age with 28 per cent of financially stressed workers over 60 are stressed about not having enough in retirement.