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Citizen Obama: The future of the past President


When presidents leave office, they rarely retire completely from the public eye. Past Presidents, though, have taken very different paths when it comes to their lives after the White House. Barack Obama leaves the Oval Office as one of the youngest and most popular presidents in recent memory. And just like his predecessors, it is


Volunteer Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Be part of Commonwealth Games history.


News: $125m funding boost for dementia, cancer and concussion research

funding boost

Researchers and scientists trying to tackle problems in health and medicine such as cancer, dementia and concussions in sport have been given a $125 million funding injection. Research into tropical diseases, mental health and indigenous health will also benefit from the 5-year federal funding package. Greg Hunt awarded the funding to 110 projects and 232 researchers


Diary of a Mortician – what happens after the last breath


Most of us would rather not think about what happens to our bodies after death. But that breakdown gives birth to new life in unexpected ways, writes Moheb Costandi. “It might take a little bit of force to break this up,” says mortician Holly Williams, lifting John’s arm and gently bending it at the fingers,


The next 209 seconds will make you question your entire existence


The scale of the universe is almost beyond our imagination. The universe keeps expanding (at 42.5 miles per second per megaparsec), and we constantly form new hypotheses about how it was created and what will happen next. Our farthest space probe from Earth, the Voyager 1, is traveling a million miles a day, and after nearly


Australian of the Year announced

Australian of the Year awards:


Dementia advocate and Australian of the Year nominee is changing lives

Australian of the Year

South Australia’s nominee for Australian of the Year is living proof that people with dementia can still achieve great things.


London’s Piccadilly Circus lights to go off for longest time since WWII

London's Piccadilly Circus

For the first time since World War Two, the giant illuminated billboards that have lit up London’s Piccadilly Circus for over 100 years have been switched off for an extended period, as work starts to replace them. The current six screens on the walls of buildings around the central London junction are making way for


VIDEO: Animals at London Zoo receive Xmas gifts

Sumatran Tigers and Meerkats received early Christmas present.  Too cute not to watch!