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Same sex marriage, religious freedom and the law

same sex marriage

As Australians vote in the same sex marriage survey, the national debate has focused on anxiety over whether religious freedom could be negatively affected. So what exactly does discrimination law say on the issue? Professor Carolyn Evans investigates.


Evidence is clear on the benefits of legalising same-sex marriage

same-sex marriage

Emotive arguments and questionable rhetoric often characterise debates over same-sex marriage. But few attempts have been made to dispassionately dissect the issue from an academic, science-based perspective.


How viewing cute animals can help rekindle marital spark

cute animals

One of the well-known challenges of marriage is keeping the passion alive after years of partnership, as passions tend to cool even in very happy relationships. Psychological scientists have now developed an unconventional intervention for helping a marriage maintain its spark: pictures of puppies and bunnies.


Fairytale no more: when love turns to hatefully ever after

It’s often said that the opposite to love is not hate, it’s indifference. Why then are some of us so seemingly fickle in our ability to switch from love to hate in an instant? To understand hate, we must first (try to) understand love writes Rachael Sharman and Leanne Francia.


Three Great, Simple 25th Anniversary Ideas

A 25th wedding anniversary is a special occasion. Congratulations if you’ve come that far with your significant other. Have you already decided how to spend the big day or are you short on ideas? Here are three ways you celebrate either together, or with others. Throw a glamorous silver cocktail party Throw an elegant silver-themed


Online Divorce Means Not Going To Court

Here’s something to mull over: divorces, in their entirety, will soon be able to be lodged online. That means no visits to the court registry. Presently, divorce applications can be submitted online, then posted to a family law registry for filing and signed by a Justice of the Peace of a lawyer. In the near


Second Weddings: What’s Appropriate?

As sad as it is realistic, divorce is common. Many individuals, however, find themselves in relationships and considering marriage for the second time. For those that go through with a second marriage in their 50s, 60s or 70s, it can be just as exciting as the first time, but there are different things to consider


Long-Term Married Men Feel Frustrated More Than Wives

Long-married couples don’t view problems the same way – when there’s trouble, women worry, feel sad, and become frustrated, but for men, it’s pure frustration. That’s what the latest study from the University of Michigan, is saying. The study, published in the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, looked at sadness, worry and frustration, exploring the notion