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48hrs in Munich: explore the highlights on a city break


Fairy-tale streets, green gardens, stunning architecture, and beer – there’s a lot to do and see on a weekend holiday in Munich, writes Lukas Johannes.


Preparing for a Galapagos cruise


For nature lovers heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos cruise, knowing some things ahead of time will only serve to enrich the experience. Marissa Ellis-Snow has all the tips to preparing for your Galapagos adventure.


Washington DC Dupont Circle: A view from the top

  Every city has its elite neighbourhoods and Washington DC ’s historic Dupont Circle stands out as a beacon in that nation’s capital. Roderick Eime walks the hallowed streets.


DIY botanical touring in Oman


Over the years I have turned into a botanical ‘twitcher’.  Like avid birdwatchers, I am forever keen to expand the number of (plant) species I encounter and can identify ‘in the wild’. Until Oman’s rich botanical heritage is showcased at the Oman Botanic Gardens (still a few years away I suspect) I recommend a ‘do-it-yourself’


The Vasa Museum – A must visit when in Stockholm

vasa museum

  Like the Titanic, the warship Vasa – the pride of the Swedish Navy’s fleet – keeled over and sank on her maiden voyage. The year was 1628, the captain was promptly arrested, interrogated and imprisoned – then released and no one was held responsible for the disaster. The 69-metre-long vessel capsized after being struck


The top 4 Michelin restaurants in Paris

Michelin restaurants in Paris

The French love to eat as much as they love to cook! And, Paris happens to be one mecca for food. From quaint bistros to high-end classy gourmet restaurants which serve the finest products of sheer gastronomical experiments. But the Michelin-starred restaurants are a league apart. Here’s a list of the best Michelin restaurants in


Is Singapore the ultimate Asian travel hub?


Singapore is a beautiful city-state that features dazzling skyscrapers, world-class infrastructure, and popular attractions. It is often referred as the epitome of the melting pot of several diverse cultures, cuisines, customs, and traditions from all over the globe. Having gained independence in the year 1965, the city-state has grown by leaps and bounds in transforming


Wild Bill and Calamity Jane – travel to Deadwood, Dakota, the Wild West

Students of the Wild West refuse to give up their search for an answer to the question that’s baffled experts for over a century: just what was the real relationship between legendary Wild Bill Hickok and less than law abiding Calamity Jane? David Ellis heads into the wild west of Dakota to investigate.


Helsinki: Europe’s new cool


With a stopover in Singapore, travelling to Europe just became a whole lot more fun and relaxing. Roderick Eime tests Finnair’s new Airbus A350 en route to Helsinki.


Manchester terror attack: travel insurance cover explained

travel insurance

The horrific terror attack in Manchester has triggered a change in travel advice for Australians headed to the UK. The terrorism threat in Britain has been upgraded from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’ (the highest of the UK’s four domestic threat levels). What should travellers do if they are visiting the UK?