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DIY botanical touring in Oman


Over the years I have turned into a botanical ‘twitcher’.  Like avid birdwatchers, I am forever keen to expand the number of (plant) species I encounter and can identify ‘in the wild’. Until Oman’s rich botanical heritage is showcased at the Oman Botanic Gardens (still a few years away I suspect) I recommend a ‘do-it-yourself’


My down and dirty depression cure


Gardening has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. And because I live in a subtropical climate, I get to garden all year long. I have vibrant hibiscus blossoms the size of dinner plates. And the smell of the jasmine is sweeter than any perfume. But gardening is good for more than


Growing native bush tucker in your backyard

native bush tucker

‘Bushfood’ refers to native Australian flora and fauna, traditionally used in Aboriginal food and medicine. Long before early settlers arrived, bringing with them a slew of new plants and animals, Aboriginal Australians would hunt, forage and farm a variety of species that had already existed here for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.


Simplicity fixes a small space gardening

small space gardening

If you have a small garden space – I’m talking about a courtyard, light well or tiny patio  – and nothing you grow out there seems to look right, I think I know why. And I also know how to fix it: with some honesty.


Growing wild foods in your garden

wild food

I have written here before about my miserable efforts to grow vegetables. Nothing has changed. I am however growing more and more food in my garden. My family eat numerous subtropical edibles and lots of weeds. Not so many carrots and zucchini but plenty of highly nutritious greens.


4000 year old funerary garden found in Egypt

egypt funerary

Archeologists have discovered an ancient Egyptian funerary garden on the Dra Abu el-Naga hill in Luxor, which is thought to date from around 2000 BCE.


Gardening – How to find and use cheap landscaping stone


With its unique natural beauty, stone is a favourite of gardeners everywhere. Whether used as steps, paving, retaining walls or buildings, this most original and durable of landscaping materials settles into its surroundings, ageing gracefully with a natural patina that appeals to our primitive aesthetic instincts in the same way as do forests and oceans,


The beautiful world of Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are a well-known and commonly grown plant, but many people will be surprised at the different varieties that exist and are less well known. Although I will certainly mention the tried-and-true mop tops, I will also try to enlighten you about the other fascinating members of the Hydrangeaceae family, and the fact that most of them flower only


A creative solution to retain backyard privacy

What do you do when a new housing development is proposed immediately behind your house and your outdoor entertaining area? Well you stop flailing your arms around in despair and you get creative, that’s what you do writes Steven Wells. The new screen and MyRedPod   Anyone who designs, creates or builds in any context will


Does an Australian garden style exist?

Australian garden style

Does an Australian garden style exist? In the post WW11 years some of our now most revered garden designers rebelled against imported garden design traditions and experimented with creating a nature based Australian style. Dr Anne Vale explores what the “Australia” style garden looks like.