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5 beauty secrets only your optometrist can tell you


No matter what you’re packing in your makeup kit, bloodshot and puffy eyes are never beautiful.  Eyes are particularly vulnerable to infection and some beauty procedures even put your vision at risk.


Why wearing sunglasses in autumn and winter is just as important as summer

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Optometrists nationwide rejoiced when Sid the Seagull updated his iconic Cancer Council message to slip slop slap, seek, SLIDE. However, the image of a seagull with sunglasses only went part way to educating consumers about the importance of wearing sunglasses every day.


10 Foods To Maintain Eyesight

As children we’re told carrots will give us better eyesight, even in the dark. Is this true? Well, yes to an extent, but according to Optometry Australia (OA), there are a stack of other tasty snacks out there that help maintain eye health. OA resident optometrist Luke Arundel  listed the following: 1.       Fish – “Omega-3