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How to make some money for your next overseas holiday NOW!

scholarship for retirees

Travel is the number one goal for retirees, but as we know, travelling and holidays all cost money. Here are some top tips for saving for your next dream trip.


Vaccine could give hope to breast cancer patients

breast cancer

Australian researchers are working on a revolutionary vaccine to help people in their fight against breast cancer and gastric cancer.


Guide dogs – retraining the underdogs

guide dogs

Dogs that don’t graduate seeing-eye school are being trained up as special assistance dogs and helping people with younger onset dementia live fuller, happier lives writes Annie Rahilly of the University of Melbourne


15 gorgeous older models who are absolutely stunning

older models

These women have proven your modelling career can extend long past your 20s.


A “staycation”…The holiday you are having when you can’t afford a holiday


Do you desperately need a holiday but lack the time and funds to pack your bags and escape for an overseas vacay? When you’re trying to juggle your everyday life around annual leave and other commitments, it can be very hard to carve out that much-needed down-time. Karen Sander has the perfect tips for the


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