Surfing in the Sixties

surfing in the sixties

With the warm weather on it’s way and beach season just around the corner, we can’t think of a better book to dive into than Surfing in the Sixties.

The Australian surfing boom in the 60s bred innovation in photography, art, music, cars and other pop culture landmarks. Through the images of some of Australia’s great surfing photographers of the era, this decade is beautifully recreated in this collection with it’s key beaches, historic events and iconic surfers, along with the cars, the fashions, and the surfboards of the times.

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The photographers of this title cover a number of Australian surfing regions:

Mal Sutherland [QLD]: Mal grew up on Kirra Beach where his love of the ocean first began.

John Pennings [NSW]: John began his passion for surfing in 1956 while watching surfing US lifeguards at Avalon Beach and bought his first board shortly after.

Barrie Sutherland [VIC]: Barrie was born into a surfing family in Portarlington where the activity was both a hobby and a passion.

Bob Weeks [ALL] Bob was raised on the southside of Sydney where he and his mates lived for the surf.

All the photographers grew up during the early stages and evolution of surfing in Australia. They saw it through as a career that documented not only the historic elements of the sport, but the times and ways of the era.

With more than 500 wonderful images in a quality hardback coffee table book, Surfing in the Sixties is a must for baby boomers, for fans of the sport or those who want to relieve a fabulous era.

Out now, New Holland Publishers, RRP $55.00

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