Styling the family home to sell with Nicole Jacobs

Nicole Jacobs

You might recognise Nicole Jacobs from her time on Channel 9’s The Block, where she stands front and centre, ready to purchase the hottest properties for her clients. An expert in knowing what buyers are looking for, Nicole shares her tips for styling the family home ready to sell.

 Minimising clutter

Buying a home is all about energy and whether the buyer can see themselves living in that space. De-clutter and ‘de-personalise the home’ by removing any family photographs or certificates that are on show. Many home stylists offer packages with artwork. If your home lends itself to this, it could be a good investment to bring warmth back to hallways and rooms.

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Often furniture in the home has been selected from a practical standpoint- it’s functional, but doesn’t necessarily capture a sense of design. Consider engaging a stylist who will select suitable furniture that will inject personality and will help balance the Feng Shui and create a fabulous room! Kelly Ingram, The Feng Shui girl, is an absolute expert in all things Feng Shui and has also appeared on the Block.

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Clear passageways

Logical floor plans attract a broader depth of buyers. While you may not be able to change structural features such as a wall in time to sell your home you can enhance the floor plan by making sure all passageways and entrances remain clear. Think flow.

Light and bright

Think Fresh! Invest in giving the home a new coat of paint. Exercise a ‘light-minded’ attitude when selecting colours. Gender-neutral tones including dove grey, creamy whites and hazel browns are light and airy and help to open up a space for broad market appeal.

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Frame your features

Prepare a list of features that have been performed recently on the home. These may include: recent rewiring or re-stumping; heating cooling or energy ratings; water tanks or reticulation systems; proximity to shops, beaches, CBD and transport. Place these in a frame in a position that can be easily viewed during inspection. Don’t forget! These key features are often overlooked by the agent and immediately contribute to the value of your home. Ask your selling agent to have the list available for buyers to take home with the brochure.


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A property expert on Channel 9’s The Block, licensed REIV estate agent, and founder and director of Nicole Jacobs Property Buyer Advocates, Nicole Jacobs is empowering buyers to acquire properties that are right for them and on their terms.nicole jacobs

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