Protect Yourself from Home Fires this Winter

With frightening statistics in Victoria alone that people aged 65 or more are almost four times more likely to die in a residential fire, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Country Fire Authority are warning people Australia wide to remain vigilant to home fires this winter.

152135579MFB Commander John Rampling said: “Sadly, over the last decade, people aged over 65 are 3.7 times more likely to die in a house fire. It’s really important that the community remain aware of the risks for older people during winter. The easiest way to do that is to download and complete a home fire safety checklist.”

The Home Fire Safety campaign aims to remind people to consider the fire safety of family, friends, neighbours and older people who are living alone. Last winter, house fires accounted for an estimated $97 million in property damage in Victoria alone.

CFA Deputy Chief Officer Steve Warrington commented: “Just a few simple actions can help prevent fire in your home – such as always keeping an eye on the cooking and keeping at least one metre clear space around heaters and open fires.”

Older people are being reminded to check their smoke alarms regularly and locate their bedroom close to an exit for a quicker escape. For more information, or to download a home fire safety checklist, visit

Here are some fire safety tips to help safeguard your home from fire:
Installing more than one smoke alarm increases your early warning of a fire
Special smoke alarms for the Deaf and hard of hearing are available and a government subsidy is available for eligible persons
If you’re a smoker, have a smoke alarm in every room in which you smoke
Multiple smoke alarms should be interconnected
Smoke alarms can be linked to personal alarms so if a smoke alarm is activated it will register the personal alarm monitoring agency
Clean lint filters on clothes dryers after every use and always let dryers complete the cool-down cycle
Install a fire extinguisher and fire blanket and know how to use them
Have a home fire escape plan and practise it regularly
Never deadlock yourself inside the house. Keep keys in the lock when you are at home
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