North Korea – a horror story through the eyes of a 13 year old

North Korea

Yeonmi Park reveals horror of North Korean atrocities, by Anjali Bisaria via

This is Yeonmi Park – a human rights activist who fled Kim Jong Un’s brutal land known as North Korea. She fights for people’s freedom but this privilege came at the cost of her own.

Park was 13 when she fled North Korea with her sister and mother. From watching her mother get raped in front of her own eyes to being sold as a sex slave to an older man, Park lived through it all.

In her new book ‘In Order To Live’, Park narrates the events as they happen, all the while allowing her reader a glimpse into her indomitable spirit that carried her forward to a life that she now lives.

When she was finally saved, she realized how she owned nothing – she worshiped a religion that was a regime; she loved the color ‘red’ for it represented the regime; and she had no values because the regime taught her none.

Now, a woman in her own right, Park travels the world and fights for people’s freedom. Because of one girl’s resilience and will to survive, a lot of people are being saved every day.

That’s why you speak up against injustices. That’s why you run away from whoever steals your privileges.

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