How to make some money for your next overseas holiday NOW!

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Travel is the number one goal for retirees, but as we know, travelling and holidays all cost money. Here are some top tips for saving for your next dream trip.

You can just imagine yourself walking along a beach with a cocktail in hand, not a care in the world. Or maybe you are on safari in Africa or sipping espresso in Italy. Whatever your dream holiday might be, it could be closer than ever before.

Here are our 5 tips for saving for your next well-deserved trip:

  1. Make a plan – Focus on how you are going to save over the next 3, 6 or 12 months so you can jet off on your dream holiday. Write it down and focus on how you are going to actually achieve it – plus stick to your plan and the rewards will come rolling in!
  2. Set up a holiday savings account Transfer some of your income into a seperate savings account that is solely for the purpose of saving for your holiday. If you are a born spender, take some extra precautions to stop yourself from breaking into your holiday piggy account ie. don’t have an ATM card linked to your savings account.
  3. Make some extra money more money coming in than going out is a great solution to achieve and career retraining in retirement can be a great way to make some extra “splash” cash. One place you could retrain with is H&R Block Tax Accountants who is offering a 16-week Income Tax Course. So, if you have always been great with numbers and a real people person, then this course could lead to your perfect work/life/holiday balance with casual, part-time or full-time career opportunities following the course. Take a leap of faith and start building your new career in Tax Consulting.
  4. Look at your budget and expenses Start shopping around your monthly expenses and you might just surprise yourself how much money you could actually be saving. Are you getting the best deal on your electricity and could you be making small changes in the grocery aisles to make small, but significant budget savings?
  5. Count your pennies….literally – Empty your pockets or purse daily into a change jar. Use collected change to start your holiday fund. Make small rules ie. $1 or $2 coins aren’t ever spent and only go into your change jar, or if you are feeling particularly thrifty, make it $5 notes every second week and watch your change jar really start to grow. Many banks will have a change counting machine free of charge to its customers.

If you are interested in retraining and making some extra money, registrations are now open with the 16-week Income Tax Course course starting on February 12. If you register before January 25, you can pay half now and half later once the course starts. Register now at H&R Block

Have fun!


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