Good nutrition and breast cancer prevention

breast cancer prevention

The Mayo Clinic in the US has highlighted that the best defence women have for breast cancer prevention is nutrition and an active lifestyle.

It is important to maintain a healthy diet of leafy vegetables, lean protein, nuts, fish and legumes and reduce processed foods and sugars. There is also a large body of research highlighting certain antioxidants which are more potent than others in preventing cancer.

Green tea in particular contains the antioxidant EGCG which many scientific studies highlight as powerful in preventing cancer. Matcha green tea powder contains the highest concentration of EGCG where the University of Colorado found that matcha green tea contained up to 137 times more EGCG than regular green tea. There has been a huge growth in the popularity of one particular type of green tea known as matcha in the past few years as more and more Australians are reading about the antioxidant EGCG and its cancer fighting properties.

Matcha green tea is the whole tea leaf which is briefly steamed, dried and ground into a fine vibrant green powder. The powder dissolves in water so you consume the whole tea leaf not just the steeped water. As a result there is a much higher level of antioxidants compared to standard green tea. The antioxidants work to remove free radical cells in your body by attaching to them. If left unchecked free radicals cause damage to healthy cells which can lead to cancer, premature ageing, and other diseases.

Dr Kristi Pado Funk from the Pink Lotus Breast Cancer Centre states that “three cups of green tea a day decreases breast cancer risk by half.”

Here are a few of the findings in recent scientific studies of the effect of EGCG in green on breast cancer:

  1.   Suppresses inflammation and aggressive estrogen mediators in breast tissue
  2.   Causes Breast Cancer cells to die
  3.   Suppresses the new blood flow that feeds Breast Cancer tumour
  4.   Reverses epigenetic changes and prevents DNA damage that is often seen in Breast Cancer
  5.   Suppresses stem cell production in human Breast Cancer

So where can you find matcha green tea powder? It’s critical that you buy high quality matcha green tea in order to gain the full health benefits. Zen Green Tea is an Australian company which sources premium quality Japanese matcha green tea powder with the full health benefits. You can read more about matcha or purchase matcha from

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