Support Groups

Anxiety and Depression Support Group
Unit 30, Southport Trade Centre
3 Jackman Street, Southport QLD

With over 10 years of continued operation and having supported close to 1,000 people over the years, this group offers a warm, comfortable environment for those people living with anxiety who are seeking to improve their quality of life.

Members are provided with hints and tips on how they can learn to manage their anxiety through the introduction of resources including cards, and fact sheets aimed at managing panic attacks and reducing anxiety.

The objectives of the group are to provide self help support, education and point people in directions that will help them. Members are encouraged to seek other avenues including professional help, drama and anger management sessions where they learn to express their feelings and better manage emotions.

The group provides an opportunity for people to meet, find out what is out there for them and to share information. The greatest achievement for the group, is seing people getting back into life and living happily without the fear of anxiety and panic.

07 5519 2550
Arthritis Queensland support Group
Arthritis & Osteoporosis Queensland

Sometimes, no one understands what you are going through quite like someone else who is in the same boat.

Arthritis Queensland’s support groups provide the opportunity to meet people who understand. Members share information, ideas, and experiences, so that everyone benefits. Each group is unique, but benefits include varied guest speakers, Tai Chi programs, and warm water exercise sessions.

1800 011 041
Association of Independent Retirees
A.I.R. National Secretariat PO Box 329 Deakin West ACT Australia
First formed in 1990, A.I.R. is a non-party political organisation, representing retired and partly retired people who are not in full time employment.

It’s a not-for-profit volunteer organisation whose major purpose is to represent this rapidly growing section of the Australian population at all levels of Government.

Office bearers at all levels are volunteers. Their efforts are supplemented by planning and policy committees comprising members of the company.

The Association of Independent Retirees provides a range of benefits for members including copies of The Retiree magazine.

What are the goals of A.I.R.?

To work for the benefit and welfare of partly or fully self-funded retirees.
To seek a fair and just economic, taxation and social environment that recognises and compensates for the special problems of fully or partly self-funded retirees.
To provide information on all matters pertaining to retirees.
To conduct research to further the objects of the Company.
To seek recognition as a body speaking for retirees at Local, State and Federal Government levels, and by the community at large and by the media.
To foster membership of the Company throughout Australia.
To cooperate with other organisations with objectives consistent with those of the Company.

02 6290 2599
MS Support Group
286 Gladstone Road Dutton Park, QLD

MS Queensland is a non-profit organisation that is the first-choice for MS information, education, treatment, care and support across Queensland.

Our vision is a world free from multiple sclerosis (MS) and its devastating impact.

We exist to help people living with MS to get the best out of life; to advocate for change and to search for a cure.

In Queensland, nobody has a better knowledge of the disease nor assumes a greater role in education and raising awareness of MS than us.

We play a pivotal role in quality control and ensuring that people with MS are having their needs met, and in advocating on their behalf.

Our staff live by the values of respect, hope, commitment and collaboration. This rings true in all that we do.

1800 177 591
New Horizons Depression Support Group
Caddies 19-33 South Street, Jimboomba QLD

The New Horizon Depression Support Group is a group for people with depression, however, it is not a depressed group. Morning tea is provided.

(07) 5547 8077
Self Help Queensland
121 Lister St (corner of Gager St),

Self Help Queensland Inc (SHQ) is a network of Self Help and Support Groups throughout Queensland. We are a not for profit community organisation whose primary aim is to support, promote and develop the Self Help Sector in Queensland.

SHQ is governed by a Voluntary Management Committee comprising community members who stand for election each year at the SHQ Annual General Meeting. We receive funding from the Queensland Government to help carry out our activities.

(07) 3344 6919
Solace Australia

We provide grief support for those grieving over the death of their partner.

Talk or Listen, in a non-threatening environment, to others who have been through the trauma of losing their loved one through death.

A simple way to remove fear is to seek support and understanding.

Permission to grieve assists in the healing process.

(07) 5580 7034